The Story of Pantheon

A Pantheon Defined

Pan·the·on /ˈpanTHēˌän,ˈpanTHēən/ (noun)

1. a group of particularly respected, famous, or important people. – “the pantheon of the all-time greats”

2. all the gods of a people or religion collectively.

“the deities of the Hindu pantheon”

Pantheon Collective LLC

1. a diverse group of leaders from a multitude of industries and walks of life brought together to develop a better, people first, model for the cannabis industry in New York State

At the Start of the Beginning

⤖ For the last seven years or so in the United States (like most of the world) chaos, hate, greed, and misinformation have fueled individual fires of distrust, segregation, and division amongst our fellow humans. The existence of each and every one of us is under attack as unity becomes a forgotten fairy tale and individualism has taken a dark turn to that of a horror story which leaves us unable to appreciate our uniqueness as a chapter in a larger social and economic anthology. “We” has almost become a dead language in the sharp contrast to the thriving “Me” in so many individuals as we quite literally turn to acts like book burning to silence anything contrary to the online series we’ve personally subscribed to. Americans have polarized themselves on the most basic of issues, like health care, and individual liberties to protect and be our authentic selves. During these tumultuous times nattive upstart

Upstate New Yorkers, and LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs, Tyme Ferris and Thomas Kupiec had each moved back home to where they grew up after years living around the world. In March of 2016 the two met through a social media app for a hike around Bear Creek in Woodgate, NY where they became quick friends. Between Thomas’ experience in Eastern Medicinal Practices as a licensed acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, and Tyme’s experience developing businesses in the medical and adult-use cannabis industries, it was no surprise that the two would bond over the shared personal importance on alternative healthcare and helping others for the greater good.

The two recognizing the value, strength, and agency of people coming together regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation, saw an oppurtunity to combined their professional expertise with this passion for people to create a company for the purpose of simply doing good.By October of 2019 Tyme and Tom (T-N-T) had developed a basic business plan for cannabis cultivation, processing, distribution and retail sales while blending these product offerings with the additional health benefits of Chinese herbal medicine and soon registered their shared vision with NYS Department of State as Pantheon Collective LLC. Since then this basic business plan has evolved into a revolutionary plan and approach to business, especially for the cannabis industry. Pantheon found its geographical home in a property in Boonville, NY (Tyme’s hometown) that not only met the needs of the business to open and scale up multiple times, but also could provide Boonville as a whole hope in the form of jobs, economic development, and community engagement. By 2021 during the thralls of the Covid 19 Pandemic Pantheon would add to its team co-founders Stacey Webb to lead efforts for diversity and inclusion and Hailee Greene (2022) to help with strategic planning with state legislators and lobbyists.

photo credit: Lauren Breedlove;

With 2022 well underway Pantheon’s seeds planted to be a BETTER cannabis company germinated into what will become the first of its kind immersive cannabis lifestyle brand and educational campus. In the village of Boonville a retrofitting build-out of a 140k sq ft adult-use cannabis facility on 50 acres will provide adult-use cannabis cultivation, production, distribution and dispensary retail sales, while also providing health and wellness services to the public along with facility tours, educational and training workshops, cultural events, and a community garden space designed to help feed all residence of the tiny village. A short 10 min shuttle down the road will now host Pantheon’s industrial hemp campus where Pantheon will start with 50 acres and grow to 300 acres cultivating and processing hemp for industrial uses such as building materials, livestock feed, textiles, and paper. On the industrial hemp campus the public will have hands on experience with cannabis hemp plants on tours and classes while also offering retreat stays in our tiny home accommodations on the Sugar River 2024)

Tale as Old as Tyme

⤖ In 2014 New York State passed the Compassionate Care Act (CCA), adding New York to the ever growing list of states opening themselves to the cannabis industry. This medicinal marijuana program created guidelines and licensing for a chosen group of [10] Registered Organization (ROs) allowing for the cultivation, production and sale of medical marijuana to licensed medical patients. Six years later, 2021 brought the addition of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) fully opening the doors for the cannabis industry by now including adult-use cannabis cultivation, production, distribution and dispensary licensing currently being finalized by the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM)

In the six years the medical marijuana existed on its own, licenses went from 60% ownership by New York State based companies, to a mere 10%, as large Multi-State Operators (MSOs) quickly bought out the New York organizations who were awarded the licenses before the ink was even dry. These [9] of the chosen [10] ROs have held the market hostage, stumping growth, and denying patient access to a medically prescribed product and continue to do so. They used these medical marijuana licenses as placeholders for first rights on the inevitable passing of an adult-use cannabis program, a strategy they have done in countless other states. Almost frantically these MSOs purchase(d) as many companies with licenses as they could in a Monopoly® Brand style race around the country. Each time purchasing the companies at valuations far less than expected market value then developing and spending on these businesses only enough to maintain compliance for the license. Outside of these essential continued operating costs capital is then funneled for additional acquisitions in states soon to open adult-use cannabis markets, and maintain businesses in existing adult-use markets.

As of Q2 of 2022, with the $2 billion purchase of MSO Columbia Care by MSO Cresco Labs and $247 million acquisition of Etain by Riv Capital, all RO licenses in the state of New York are owned by MSOs based in other states. One could look at this and think, “That’s it, big corporate MSOs own the entire market.”, but at a closer look one will see that the MSO model is crumbing at its foundation and Pantheon Collective LLC is preparing to reap the spoils from the downfall of the giants…

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